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Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the bane of every business manager, property owner, and local traveler in Overland Park. It’s not hard to see why: these parasitic insects are extraordinarily upsetting pests that rob us of our peace of mind, damage our homes and businesses, and ultimately affect our health and wellness.

Unfortunately, bed bug control is much easier said than done. Cleaning, washing, and DIY treatments alone are not enough to remove rooted infestations, and professional exterminators are needed to remove the pests at their core.

Mantis Pest Solutions makes it easy to get and keep bed bugs far away from your home. Our RestEasy bed bug treatments are fast, affordable, and high-tech – meaning they’re safe and effective for every property. If bed bugs have taken over, our proven solution will have you back in your home and getting a great night’s rest in no time.

Protect your family with the help of Mantis Pest Solution’s RestEasy bed bug treatment.

RestEasy; we’ve got this!

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Bed Bug Control Treatments From Mantis Pest Solutions

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Mantis Pest Solutions approaches bed bug control from a scientific and environmentally-friendly perspective. Our experts can eliminate bed bugs within hours of visiting your home, offering airtight solutions for getting rid of these annoying home invaders. Once we visit your home and examine the problem up close, we can develop a pest control plan that will get rid of bed bugs for good.

First, an assigned bed bug exterminator from Mantis Pest Solutions will set up an inspection and verify your infestation. We will then discuss your options for treatment, how our service works, and what preparations need to be made before our treatment visit.

At Mantis Pest Solutions, we make bed bug treatments both simple and efficient. Your technician will thoroughly review preparation instructions during your initial inspection, then send those same instructions via email along with your paperwork. With this complete, you’ll be on your way to resting easy once again!

With all documents signed and squared away, Mantis Pest Solutions will begin applying bed bug treatments to your property. We use a heavily vetted chemical and biological application as a preventative measure, as well as an initial treatment that destroys bed bugs at every instar. We particularly focus on susceptible areas of your home, including wall voids, furniture, dressers, drawers, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, baseboards, ceilings, wall corners, and much more. Any area bed bugs can hide, we'll inspect. We will also install your mattress covers at this time upon request.

In addition to outstanding service, Mantis Pest Solutions also provides:

  • Financing options
  • Same day inspections
  • Single room or whole house bed bug protection
  • Safe product application
  • Extended bed bug warranties
  • 14-day follow-up inspections
  • K-9 inspections as needed

Remember: all bed bug control services from Mantis Pest Solutions are warrantied and guaranteed. To ensure the highest level of protection in your home, we also provide outstanding follow-up services that evaluate every room for the signs and symptoms of bed bugs. Mantis Pest Solutions is not just a bed bug exterminator; we’re your neighborhood partner in sustainable and long-lasting bed bug control!

Defend your home with high-tech products, biological treatments, and customer service you can trust. Contact the pros at Mantis Pest Solutions for effective pest control in Overland Park. Free quotes are available at any time!

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Bed bug control from Mantis Pest Solutions has everything you need to succeed: fast treatments, efficient products, and genuinely caring service. Our signature RestEasy Bed Bug control gives you the peace of mind to hit the hay without the threat of bites, bringing back a restful night's sleep for you and the whole family. Backed by decades of experience and environmentally friendly chemical applications, Mantis Pest Solutions can ensure complete bed bug elimination in your home or business.

Don’t live alongside bed bugs any longer than you must. Call Mantis Pest Solutions today to sign up for local pest control for bed bugs.

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