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Bed Bug Treatment In Overland Park, KS

If you have a bed bug infestation in your bed, on your furniture, or even in your car, it’s irritating, a bit embarrassing, and also a bit disgusting. Usually, bed bugs exclusively feast on human blood, though they have been known to drink animal blood, too, depending on the species. As such, if you have an infestation, you’ll be left with itchy red bites after sleeping, driving, working or simply sitting on the couch. You might even see them attaching themselves to your skin (if you’re awake), which is enough to send your skin crawling and motivate you to do something about it- and we can help, as Mantis Pest Solutions provides leading bed bug control treatments in Overland Park.

More than simply being a personal problem, bed bugs can significantly damage your business, if you’re involved in hospitality, such as if you own, or work for, a restaurant, cinema or hotel. In fact, a survey was conducted in which it was found that 80% of people in the US were concerned about finding bed bugs in hotels and 49% were concerned about infestations in movie theatres. Since bed bug related anxieties are so high, if you’re the owner or director of a company which has a bed bug infestation, you need to get on the problem as quickly as possible- if your customers find bed bugs in your place of business, it could completely ruin your company’s reputation.

Whatever your reason for deciding to take action against the little critters – maybe you had a visitor who complained, or you noticed a bed bug feeding on your arm, or maybe you’re struggling to sleep because of itchy skin and the knowledge that they’re in the bed with you –you’re here, and your journey to having a bed bug-free home, car, or place of work, has begun.

Firstly, our technicians will visit you at home to discuss the problem with you, and take note of any infested areas that you may have noticed yourself. On top of an in-depth discussion, the technicians will complete an inspection of your house (or office, or car, or hotel etc.) before leaving.

Next, using the information gathered on the preliminary research visit, our Overland Park bed bug control team will come up with a pest control plan suited to your problem.

On our next visit, our bed bug exterminators will carry out the extermination plan, which involves either using bed bug exterminating chemicals, or, more commonly, we’ll perform heat treatments in the affected areas.

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A bed bug heat treatment involves raising the temperature of the affected area to above 120°F, using specialist equipment to achieve this high temperature. 120°F is the temperature at which the bed bugs’ enzymes start to denature, soon after causing their death- a few degrees higher than 120°F and they can be killed pretty much instantly. Usually, only one session is required and the extermination should be completed within the day (under 8 hours, though this depends on the situation). The benefit of the heat treatment is that no unpleasant chemicals need to be sprayed indoors, and in areas where you, or others, come into contact with, this is undoubtedly preferable.

More than this, after performing the initial heat treatment, our Overland Park exterminators can install specialist bed bug traps and monitors, in case of the rare event that some bed bugs were missed during the treatment. Moreover, Mantis Pest Solutions will provide you with a free guide, to help you recognize the signs of a continued infestation, as well as give you advice on keeping bed bugs at bay, offering the best tips which you can use to prevent their return.

For bed bug treatments in Overland Park, we really recommend that you call us as soon as you see a problem, or recognize signs of an infestation, since bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate and will start to inhabit more than just one area in your home or building if left untreated. So, what are you waiting for? If you live in Overland Park, you can rid your life of bed bug related problems- just rely on our effective exterminating team.

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Meet your Overland Park Bed Bug Exterminator

Rick Blackham | Bed Bug Exterminator & Owner

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My start in pest control was the summer of 1996 when I was hired as a Route Coordinator for Clark Pest Control, California’s largest private pest control company. That experience as a young college student has been so valuable to me. The success I enjoyed working for Clark enabled me to get hired at Orkin Pest Control where I worked for the next 6 years.

In 2003 I graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from Utah State University, and promptly moved to Kansas City to start my own pest company named, “Foxx Pest Control.” I guess I thought since I was a “Master” of business I could use my experience to create a better service experience for my customers, and for my own company. I was right! Within 6 years Foxx Pest Control became the 3rd or 4th largest private pest control company in Kansas City. We had thousands of happy Foxx customers who we loved, and for whom we did everything we could to thank them for their patronage by providing the highest quality service in the industry. Unfortunately, in 2008 due to personal family needs we made the hard decision to sell our company to Terminix.

During my 5 years of non-compete with Terminix I kept busy by getting into franchising restaurant concepts.

During this time I missed the service industry and my customers, so in 2014 when my dear friend Ty Hawkins called me about partnering up… I jumped back in! Ty and I have been friends since High School and we are excited be a part of the community. We are committed to “Excellence in Service!” and we hope to meet and exceed expectations for Excellence in Service for decades to come.

As part of this “Excellence in Service!” we understood that many people were not getting taken care of when it came to specialized pests such as bed bugs. Bed bugs are one of the hardest bugs to get rid of. Many companies were charging an arm and a leg to due traditional bed bug treatments that were not getting rid of the problem. We knew there was a new technology in bed bug removal called remedial treatments that are more commonly known as bed bug heat treatments.  For many companies, they didn’t want to hurt their revenues and just stayed with the traditional service, knowing it would work most of the time. Here at Mantis, we wanted it to work every time. Now with our heat treatment equipment, we are one of the best bed bug removal companies in Overland Park. The best part is with clever strategy and an eye on focusing on our customers we were able to offer to finance our heat treatments to qualified customers making our bed bug treatments affordable and still continue to have our protection guarantee.

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