How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Attic, Bird Feeder, And More

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Squirrels, if you have them, are pesky critters. The problem with squirrels is they can get into about everything from your attic, potted plants, garden, and even some of the most creative bird feeders. Although we at Mantis Pest Solutions don’t cover squirrels in our rodent control package, we have asked an expert squirrel remove to share some tips on how to keep squirrels away from all of the places they like to get into. AAA Affordable Wildlife Control is a squirrel removal company from the Brampton area. 

How To Prevent Squirrels From Visiting Your Yard. 

The best way to ensure squirrels are not frequent visitors is to ensure no food is easily accessible to them. Squirrels like to eat bark, fruit, corn, and of course, nuts and seeds.  

Removing these food sources can be challenging if you live in forestry areas with mature trees that leave lots of nuts and seeds. Other people who tend to find squirrels are residents with fruit trees, gardens, and one of their favorite calling cards, bird feeders. All of these items are things that attract squirrels and other rodents and wildlife. 

The Three Main Best Things To Get Rid Of Squirrels

Although there are many DIY and natural ways to get rid of squirrels, here are the three most effective ways we recommend getting rid of them.

  • Predators
  • Traps
  • Repellent


If a squirrel does not feel safe, it won’t matter how good the food source is; they won’t go for it. Man’s best friend is not only a great companion but, depending on the breed, can be loud and big enough to keep squirrels away from your yard. 

If you don’t have a dog and aren’t looking for that much responsibility imitating a predator is the next best thing. 


Like most animals, there are a variety of smells and sounds like we mentioned above that deter squirrels from areas. There are certain types of repellents that you can add to your garden, potted plants, or around your home to keep them away. It is essential to look at the different repellents as squirrels will eat bark; you will want something for your food sources on the ground, and up in any mature tree you have in your yard.

Squirrels are afraid of owls, and having an owl statue in your yard can be very effective. The tactic mentioned is the same idea farmers used when they put scarecrows in their fields to keep birds away from their crops. The more lifelike it is, the better. Some even move their heads to imitate movement, so even an adventurous squirrel won’t take a chance. Others can even make ultrasonic sounds that deter squirrels but won’t bother you or your neighbors. 


Squirrels, like most critters, are very food motivated. There are a variety of traps you can put some food so you can catch them. It is essential to look at getting humane traps, and if you can connect with a local wildlife company like AAA Affordable Wildlife Control to take care of your critter once they are caught. 

Although traps are effective, they attract critters, and your house may become attractive to other rodents that currently aren’t a problem. Lures are best for squirrel removal instead of as a deterrent. 

How To Keep Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

To our friends who love feeding the birds, know you are probably feeding the squirrels too. When using repellent, you could deter the birds you want to attract. If attracting birds is a big hobby for you, we recommend investing in a quality birdfeeder they can’t get into. 

It is also essential to try and keep your bird feeders away from your home so squirrels can’t find a way into your house from a small hold in the patio or roof. You will also want to keep the seeds cleaned up as much as possible as some birds are very messy eaters.

How to Keep Squirrels Away From Your Attic & House

Having removed food sources from your yard is a big first step. The problem comes when it starts getting cold, and they aren’t just looking for food but shelter. If you have big trees making sure branches are far enough away so squirrels can not easily get to your roof will be a significant deterrent. You should also inspect the exterior of your home by the roof and the foundation and seal any holes they could enter through. You can be proactive and add repellent around these areas. 

If you have a squirrel in your home and are unsure how it got into your home, it is best to call a home pest control and squirrel removal expert.  

Get Expert Help

Although we have mentioned various DIY squirrel removal solutions, it is generally best to contact a local wildlife company to remove the squirrels. In fact, some methods for getting rid of squirrels may be illegal. However, the ones we mentioned here should be legal in most areas. 

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