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Are you struggling to keep your lawn chigger free? At Mantis Pest Solutions, we're committed to helping our customers get rid of chiggers. To learn more about our chigger control services in Lee's Summit & Overland Park, contact us today!

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Get Rid Of Chiggers In Lee's Summit & Overland Park

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Nobody wants to have to deal with chigger problems, but in Lee's Summit & Overland Park, chiggers are a reality for far too many lawns. That doesn’t have to be the case for your property, though!

At Mantis Pest Solutions, we offer chigger control services to meet all your chigger needs. To get started with effective chigger control treatments in your area, contact our Lee's Summit or Overland Park chigger control experts to schedule a treatment.

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Our Chigger Control Services

At Mantis Pest Solutions, we offer chigger control services for residential and commercial properties.

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Identifying Chiggers

Chiggers are usually found in overgrown areas where bushes, grasses, and other plants form shelter and shady areas for small rodents. These small rodents, such as mice are a great food source for the chigger. Chiggers are also found near trees, streams, and soily areas that are moist and humid. Because of their unique biology and development, chiggers need a very specific type of treatment plan. Most effective treatment plans begin in the spring and continue in the fall.

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Chigger Treatments

Treatment for chiggers starts with keeping lawns, grasses, bushes, and trees all neatly trimmed. Chiggers don’t do well in sun-lit, dry areas. Cutting grass closer to the ground allows the sun to dry out the area and reduces humidity. Watering less and keeping the soil drier will aid in preventing chigger development.

Effective Chigger Control From Mantis Pest Solutions

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Mantis Pest Solutions uses only the safest and most effective products available for our chigger control services. Combine that with our professional techniques and equipment, and you have the best residential and commercial services Lee's Summit & Overland Park has to offer. Mantis Pest Solutions will cater our chigger control service to fit the needs of you, your yard, and your family. Reach out to us today, to get started on our effective chigger control services.

What Mantis Pest Solutions Customers Are Saying

Jake has always been courteous and respectful. He is quite knowledgeable. I will continue to use this service and recommend it to others.

Nan N.Overland Park, KS

Jason was very informative and polite. He took the time to tell me his treatment process and made sure I understood what steps they were taking to prevent bugs from entering my home. This is a great local company and I look forward to continuing to use their services.

Alex W.Lee's Summit, MO

Used Mantis for a little over a year now, and have always had the same service individual (Jake) for each visit who is always super helpful, professional, and quick to assist with out of band service requests and/or questions.

Shawn V.Lee's Summit, MO