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Moving Moles Out Of Your Yard

Do you have tunnels through your garden? Mounds of dirt in your front yard? Unexplained piles of dead grass? If so, there’s no denying it, moles have overtaken your Overland Park home.

Unfortunately, this is not a rare occurrence. Thanks to our abundance of space and large pest populations, moles in Kansas have everything they need to eat, drink, and thrive in peace. If your home is providing all the necessary factors for survival, the chances of recurring or long-lasting mole infestations are very high.

But mole infestations are neither immovable nor untreatable. With help from skilled Overland Park pest professionals at Mantis Pest Solutions, you can remove moles of any size within four to five days. We rely on cutting-edge treatments and decades of training to remove infestations immediately, carefully working around your garden, plants, and landscape fixtures to do no further harm.

Stop letting moles have the run of your yard. Turn to the experts at Mantis Pest Solutions for mole control that works!

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How Mantis Pest Solutions Treats For Moles

a mole in the grass

The professionals at Mantis Pest Solutions are capable of treating both moles and voles. While moles eat insects and other small invertebrates, voles consume plants and roots in order to survive. These pests rarely become active above ground and must be treated almost exclusively with below-ground solutions.

Thankfully, Mantis Pest Solutions can get the job done right the first time. Our experts apply highly targeted pest control treatments that solely focus on moles and vole activity, all with the intention of a perfectly pest-free home.

We roll out our mole control, and vole control treatments in three stages: 

  1. Once our experts have a chance to inspect your home thoroughly, they will point out problem areas and attractant factors that may be present around your property. We provide plenty of education about how, when, and where these attractant factors appeared and practical advice for removing them completely. 
  2. Next, we begin mole and vole treatments with the help of specialty carbon monoxide machines that allow us to flood pest tunnels with potent gases, which force them out of their holes and send them towards habitats outside your property. 
  3. Finally, we apply bait stations around the yard to clear up stragglers. These will be checked every four to five days until we resolve the problem. Remember, we’re as keen to see results as you. If you are not satisfied, we will return to your home for unlimited reservices — guaranteed! 

All mole pest control plans from Mantis Pest Solutions come with a helpful warranty period. Our pros will remove all moles from your property within the first few treatments, or they will return to make things right. It’s not about impressions; it’s about doing the right thing the first time.

Mantis Pest Solutions has never lost a battle with moles — and we won’t at your home, either. With same-day and emergency services available, we’re ready to get started as soon as you are. Call for a free quote today!

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It only takes a moment for moles to fill the yard with tunnels, tubes, and entry holes. Rather than waiting for the worst to appear, take a proactive approach to mole management with the professionals at Mantis Pest Solutions. From one-time services to recurring inspections, trust that our team can keep moles and voles far away from your home.

Get started on mole control in Overland Park today! Complete the online contact form for a free quote or call to speak with a representative. We look forward to serving you shortly.

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