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What are wasps?

There are many types of wasps in Overland Park. Paper wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets are all types of wasps that are common in our area. These pests have some similarities and some differences in appearance and behavior. Paper wasps tend to be dark brown, while hornets and yellowjackets are usually yellow and brown or black striped.

All of these wasps live in colonies with a social structure, and they build nests where they live together. They eat nectar and other sweet foods, as well as insects and other proteins.

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Are wasps dangerous?

A question that gets asked a lot is can wasps sting more than once? Unfortunately, the answer is that they can. Unlike bees, whose stingers get ripped out of their bodies when they sting, wasps keep their stingers intact, allowing them to do it multiple times in one encounter.

A wasp sting is painful and will produce a red welt at the site of the sting. However, for some people, a wasp sting can be not only painful but also deadly. People with an allergy to the venom in a wasp sting could have an allergic reaction that sends them into anaphylactic shock. If not quickly treated, the result could be fatal.

Why do I have a wasp problem?

Wasps become active in the spring when the temperature gets warm enough for them to survive. Typically the queen overwinters and is the sole survivor. She looks for a suitable place to start building her hive and creates enough of it to lay some eggs. Once those eggs hatch and mature, they take over the building duties, and the queen goes about her task of laying more eggs.

If you don’t identify and take care of a wasp nest built in its early stages in the spring, you are likely to have a wasp problem once summer rolls around and the colony has had a chance to grow. Controlling wasps on your property is best done as early in the season as possible.

Where will I find wasps?

Wasps build their hives in a variety of locations. A paper wasp nest in Overland Park is likely to be found hanging from objects like twigs and branches, porch ceilings, and the eaves or soffits of your house. Hornets can build their nests in the same areas as paper wasps but may also choose hollowed-out trees, inside wall voids, or in abandoned buildings. Yellowjackets also build their nests in these locations and can also build them in the ground.

How do I get rid of wasps?

The best way to get rid of wasps in Overland Park is to get home pest control professionals to help you. Removing a wasp nest on your own can be extremely dangerous, especially if you are allergic to its stings. At Mantis Pest Solutions, we know how to safely remove wasp nests in order to protect your family and allow you to enjoy your time spent outside.

How can I prevent wasps in the future?

Making your property unattractive to queen wasps in the spring is a great way to avoid having wasps build their nests on your property. Do this by removing food and water sources and sealing off areas where they may choose to build their nests.

For the best wasp prevention in Overland Park, contact Mantis Pest Solutions. We’ll provide the services you need for a property free of wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets.

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