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Terminating Termites With Total Treatments

An average of 26 termite colonies are within striking distance of homes and properties in Kansas and Missouri — more than 1,560,000 termites on average. Termites can decimate household structures in a matter of months, while commercial infestations can affect property values and complicate buying and selling in myriad ways.

Tiny terrors like termites should never be allowed to settle near your Overland Park home. Thankfully, help is always available. From residential properties to commercial ventures to everything in between, Mantis Pest Solutions has you covered.

From baits to liquids to a combination approach, we design our holistic treatments to get rid of termites quickly and responsibly. We can develop a custom plan to protect your home throughout the year, whether you rely on liquid applications, our revolutionary baiting program, or an intelligent mixture of the two.

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Termite Control From Mantis Pest Solutions

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Mantis Pest Solutions' signature RestEasy, termite control with Sentricon, provides you peace of mind throughout the year. We design our customizable termite treatments to eliminate entire termite colonies quickly and responsibly, while the Always Active bait program protects your home from current and future termite colonies.

We roll out our termite control solutions in three easy steps:

  1. A property inspection: Our inspectors will conduct a thorough review inside and outside of your house and identify potential signs of termite infestations. As a Sentricon customer, you will receive an annual assessment that provides additional peace of mind yearly.
  2. A customer consultation: With Mantis Pest Solutions, termite control and prevention are hands-off and hassle-free. We will coordinate with you to find the best time to install your Sentricon Bait System, identify potential strategies for the best placement, then inspect, replace, and repair monitoring stations with each scheduled visit. With Mantis Pest Solutions by your side, you will always have a barrier against current and future termite attacks.
  3. The right equipment: We are Mantis Pest Solutions professionals with cutting-edge tools from Sentricon, the industry's top bait program, and termite monitoring service.

Termites are pests that require much more than siloed solutions, which is why Mantis Pest Solutions offers three different approaches to treatment, monitoring, and baiting. Under the Sentricon umbrella, our knowledgeable professionals will monitor your termite bait stations, replace broken equipment, and perform yearly inspections against termites and their colonies.

You can select from three different types of protection:

  1. Baiting programs are one of the best and most cost-effective ways to treat termites in Overland Park. Whether you want to eliminate an existing infestation or prevent a future termite colony from infesting your home, baiting is highly effective, extremely affordable, and safe for children and pets. At Mantis Pest Solutions, you can choose to extend your protection with a discounted annual warranty plan if you maintain regular service at our company.
  2. Liquid treatments are excellent for addressing termite activity around wooden objects or other items. Sentricon by Mantis Pest Solutions can create a solid barrier of protection around yourself and your property, protecting you from infestations old and new.
  3. Many Mantis Pest Solutions customers take a hybrid approach to termite control. By combining liquid treatments with bait stations, you can easily protect the exterior and interior of your property against marauding insects.

Each of these three options comes with limited to full warranties, all of which are dependent on your area of treatment coverage. You can get an estimate for your warranty by calling Mantis Pest Solutions at a time that's convenient for you.

Keep in mind that total treatments are not the only forms of termite control offered by Mantis Pest Solutions. If you are only interested in treating a small area around your home, we can use a combination of simple baits and liquid treatments to build an impenetrable barrier around the property. As long as you partner with Mantis Pest Solutions, you can count on us to keep you safe, protected, and termite-free.

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The Sentricon Bait Program through Mantis Pest Solutions is all you need for peace of mind throughout the year. With an entire Sentricon Program for your home or business, you can rest easy knowing that we will monitor all stations, refill your bait stations, and inspect your home yearly. Whether you're dealing with a one-off problem or a recurring infestation, Mantis Pest Solutions is present whenever termites choose to appear.

Trust your termite protection to the pros who have handled it all. Contact Mantis Pest Solutions to get started on termite treatments for your home or business in Overland Park. We are protection that is always on — guaranteed! Get your free quote today!

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