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Chigger Control In Overland Park, KS

Chiggers are very common in Lee’s Summit and Overland Park and can be very annoying. Many people don’t realize chiggers are in their lawns and landscape until a very itchy rash develops from the chiggers attaching to the skin. Many people also don’t realize chiggers can be treated. Most pest control companies don’t treat for chiggers because chiggers take a special treatment to get rid of them from your yard. If you know you have chiggers don’t wait to get rid of them, fill out the form or call us at 816-307-1490.

If you are not sure you have chiggers in your yard and want to learn more about chiggers and our pest control in Lee’s Summit and Overland Park you will find that information below.

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What Are Chiggers?

a chigger on the ground

Chiggers are an immature stage of certain types of mite species. When chiggers attach to the skin, they release a digestive enzyme into the skin that liquifies skin cells. This enzyme causes rashes that are extremely itchy and cause a great deal of misery. Sometimes the rashes will show up after a few hours of being fed upon by the chiggers.

Chiggers tend to attach to the skin where it is thin and tender. They will also commonly attach to the skin where clothing is compressed against the skin. For that reason, many of the marks and rashes show up around the ankle where socks are tight and also around the waistband of pants or shorts. Contrary to popular myths, chiggers do not burrow into the skin, carry diseases, or feed on blood.

Where Do Chiggers Live?

Chiggers are usually found in overgrown areas where bushes, grasses and other plants form shelter and shady areas for small rodents. These small rodents, such as mice are a great food source for the chigger. Chiggers are also found near trees, streams and soily areas that are moist and humid.

How Do You Prevent Chigger Bites?

As with any pest, prevention and treatment is a multi-step approach. First, let’s talk about how to prevent getting bitten by chiggers.

  1. Avoid walking through fields and other areas that are not mowed and manicured on a regular basis. Avoid areas that have overgrown landscaping. If you are having issues with chiggers in your yard, make sure to keep grasses short, bushes and trees trimmed neatly and don’t allow clutter to develop.
  2. To avoid getting chigger bites when camping, hiking or working in your yard wear long pants and tuck them into boots or pull sucks over the legs. Also wear long sleeve shirts. Articles of clothing that are woven tightly, do better at preventing the chiggers from reaching your skin.
  3. Insects repellents that contain DEET can also be effective in treating your clothes before doing outdoor activities.
  4. If left alone on your skin, chiggers can feed up to 3-4 days. It is important to shower or bathe immediately following any activities outside. If bathing is not possible, rub your skin with towel to prevent chiggers from attaching to your skin.

How Do You Treat For Chiggers In Your Yard?

Because of their unique biology and development, chiggers need a very specific type of treatment plan. Most effective treatment plans begin in the spring and continue in the fall.

  1. Treatment for chiggers starts with keeping lawns, grasses, bushes, and trees all neatly trimmed. Chiggers don’t do well in sun-lit, dry areas. Cutting grass closer to the ground allows the sun to dry out the area and reduces humidity. Watering less and keeping the soil drier will aid in preventing chigger development.
  2. Reduce or remove piles of debris and clutter. These piles often offer shelter and shade for small rodents that are easy for the chiggers to feed on.
  3. Insecticide products labeled for chiggers or mites are effective, but multiple treatments are required.
  4. Insecticide products must be placed in specific areas that harbor the chiggers.

Mantis Pest Solutions has developed a very specific chigger treatment plan that is very effective at controlling these annoying pests. Have you experienced any of the bite and rash symptoms described above?  Give Mantis Pest Solutions a call to rid your yard of chiggers.

Are Chiggers & Bed Bugs The Same?

Bed bug bites and chigger “bites” look very similar which can be confusing to many people. It is important to know that when chiggers bite an enzyme is secreted that breaks down your skin cells. Both bed bugs and chiggers are annoying, but treatment for chiggers and treatment for bed bugs are completely different. (We hope you have chiggers because they are easier to get rid of then bed bugs.) If you think you might have bed bugs you can learn more here about our bed bug heat treatments or just call us so we can identify and eliminate your pest problems before you get an infestation.

Mantis Pest Solutions offers total bed bug treatment to get rid of those nasty, itchy welt-causing pests. For more information about bed bug treatments and pest control in Lee's Summit, call us today at (816) 287- 5030.

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